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PRESS RELEASE 26 April 2017

Vauxhall Momentum supporters back Kate Hoey against Liberal Democrats

The people of Vauxhall desperately need a Labour government. Seven years of Tory-led government has led to sky-high rents, illegal levels of air pollution, a huge rise in the number of foodbanks, library closures, increased homelessness, overflowing hospitals and ever-rising poverty.

Many of us have profound differences with our MP, Kate Hoey, over Brexit and several other issues. However, we are not prepared to sit back while the Lib Dems run an opportunist and scurrilous campaign against her.

We have not forgotten that the Lib Dems were complicit in the dismantling and privatising of our NHS, that they lied over tuition fees and that they supported benefits caps and cuts, including the cruel bedroom tax. Their time in government with the Tories created unrivalled misery for residents of Vauxhall, which has some of the most deprived communities in the country. We will not forgive this because of the way they are currently posturing on Europe.

We will continue to challenge Kate over the EU and will campaign vehemently against the hard Brexit being concocted by the Tories. However, we believe that only the Labour Party is up to this task.

We will campaign for a Corbyn-led Labour government and for Kate Hoey to be returned as the Labour MP for Vauxhall as the means of achieving this locally.

Momentum supports Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. We know politics and politicians are not for everyone! But with solidarity in our community and with lots of time to listen, talk and learn we believe we can rebuild the country after years of Tory rule. By these means we can build Labour into the transformative governing party of the 21st century.

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